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Important Information for Investors

Considering The Bahamas as an excellent location for your real estate investment is today a very good possibility, and a very good place to be. The Bahamas has at present time more than 149 investment projects on 12 of our islands together this translates into US$18.8 billion. This amount doesn’t include smaller projects and individual real estate throughout the islands.

Rum Cay - $700,000,000 million
Four Seasons Hotel - $550,000,000 million
Stella Maris Resort - $250,000,000 million
Ferguson Plantation Bay - $150,000,000 million
Hog Cay Resort - $100,000,000 million
February Point Marina - $90,000,000 million
Cape Santa Maria - $40,000,000 million
The Atlantis Hotels & Resort - $3 billion dollar investment
The Ginn Development Sur de Mer in West End Grand Bahama $4.9 billion
Baha-mar Cable Beach Nassau - $3 billion dollar investment
Grand Bahama Marina $400,000 million
Ritz Carlton Rose Island $678,000 million (source The Bahamas Investor Magazine).

Ideal Climate for Investments

Areas targeted for foreign investors:
Following is a list of certain investment areas especially targeted for international investors. The list is however not exhaustive, and investors interested in areas not included should consult BIA. Joint ventures with Bahamian partners are encouraged with the choice of partner being at the discretion of the investor.
1. touristic resort
2. upscale condominium, timeshare and second home development
3. marinas
4. information data/processing
5. assembly industries
6. high tech services
7. ship registration, repair and other ship services
8. light manufacturing for export
9. agro-industries
10. food processing
11. mariculture
12. banking and other financial services
13. captive insurance
14. aircraft services
15. pharmaceutical manufacture
16. offshore medical centres

Areas Reserved for Bahamians:
1. wholesale and retail operations
2. commission agencies engaged in the import/export trade
3. real estate and domestic property management agencies
4. domestic newspapers and magazines
5. domestic advertising and public relations firms
6. nightclubs and restaurants except specialty, gourmet and ethnic restaurants, and restaurants operating in a hotel, resort complex or tourist attraction
7. security services
8. distribution of building supplies
9. construction companies except for special structures for which international expertise is required
10. cosmetic/beauty establishments
11. shallow water scale fish, crustacean and sponge fishing operations
12. auto and appliance service operations
13. public transportation
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What is required in an Investment Proposal
1. name and address, including telephones and fax
2. executive summary of projectb
3. type of business, whether share company, partnership, individual or joint venture
4. principals - investors major beneficial shareholders, including their dates and places of birth as well as
    passport or social security numbers
5. proposed location
6. land requirements
7. start up date
8. employment projections - number of Bahamian and non-Bahamian employees
9. management/personnel requirement - years experience training and work permits for key personnel
10. financial arrangements for project including bank reference
11. environmental impact - toxic waste, disposal procedures, toxic input
12. total capital investment in project with a breakdown of items and start up cost
Minimum investment is $250,000.
(main source: The Investor Magazine)
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